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Our carefully curated team of photographers that are dedicated to immortalizing the beauty and grace of saddle horses. Join us as we capture these unforgettable moments, and we’ll keep you updated with our amazing photos on our website and social media platforms. Witness the elegance of saddle horses through our lens, and let the memories last a lifetime.


We take immense pleasure in introducing you to this labor of love. Our hope is that you’ll derive as much delight from reading it as we had in crafting every page. Join us in celebrating the world of saddle horses and the passion that fuels our creation. Happy reading!


At SA Saddle Horses, our skilled videographers are dedicated to crafting and capturing the most precious memories. Let us curate unforgettable moments for you to cherish and revisit, ensuring a timeless journey through the world of saddle horses.

About Us

With youth, skill, and a shared vision, SA SADDLE HORSE aims to bring the best platform to showcase the Saddle horse industry in South Africa.




Owner of MAQ Multimedia
+27 82 413 7984
Willie de Jager

Willie de Jager

Managing Director

+27 82 771 1511
Daniela Karstens

Daniela Karstens

Media Associate

+27 78 287 9922

Nenane Bester

Nenane Bester

Graphic Designer

Owner of Grafiac
+27 72 984 3348
Kerryn Ross

Kerryn Ross


Freelance Photographer for SA SADDLE HORSE
Owner of Farm Girl Photography
+27 82 511 3922

Gerda Hayward

Gerda Hayward

Photographer & Graphic Designer

Freelance Photographer for SA SADDLE HORSE
Owner of The Livestock Photographer
+27 72 055 8310

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