Elevating South Africa’s Saddle Horse Industry with Innovation and Vision

SA Saddle Horse is a dynamic platform driven by youthful energy, exceptional skills, and a unified vision to spotlight the Saddle Horse industry in South Africa.

Our offerings include a range of services such as graphic design, photography, and videography, as well as a marketplace where owners and trainers can effortlessly advertise their horses, products, and services. Additionally, we publish the SA Saddle Horse magazine, providing a premier venue for horse owners to showcase their prized horses.

Everything You Need In One Place


The SA Saddle Horse platform provides the Saddlebred community with the opportunity to advertise in our beautifully printed SA Saddle Horse magazine.

Shop Now

The SA Saddle Horse offers an online shop where clients can effortlessly purchase and immediately download photos taken by the SA Saddle Horse media team.


The SA Saddle Horse Marketplace offers the saddle horse community an affordable platform to advertise their horses, services, and products without breaking the bank


The SA Saddle Horse is powered by a team of freelance photographers who unite to contribute to the platform and provide their services to the Saddlebred community.

Graphic Design

The SA Saddle Horse benefits from a talented group of freelance graphic designers who contribute their brilliant skills and extensive experience to the platform.


The SA Saddle Horse is fueled by a team of freelance videographers who are passionate Saddlebred enthusiasts, dedicated to contributing to the industry they love.